"ORC" Action Figures (7,5 inches)

It's been a while since I'm not playing around with Resin..at the end of 2007, I finally made ORC figure. I was inspired by surrealism movie and I made a little more details as compared to my other figures.

Figur descriptions:

- Resin material (mask and base included)
- Acrylic paint (manual painting)
- Weapon accessories (combat knife and throwing knife).


"THE SKATER" Action Figures (5 inches)

This is the second statue that I made in the same year with the same techniques as well. This concept is based on my hobby on skateboarding and took me one full day to finish it. No obstacles in the process of making this statue. I only made a little lazy detail.

Figure Descriptions:
- Resin Material
- Acrylic Paint (Manual Painting)
- Styrofoam Base (Handmade)
- Plastic Rail (Handmade)
- Skateboard Accessories (Finger Board)


Separator t-shirt design

Sosialisasi negatif mengakibatkan manusia menjadi tidak manusiawi.

Separator Logo Design

Old Man

Technique: Marker drawing outliner brush with alcohol cleaner.


Arch Metal Clothing (BUKAN DISTRO!!)

Door Sticker for Arch Metal Clothing (Taman Segitiga, Tanjung Priuk)

Technique: Manual drawing on sticker paper (plano size).


my monitor

Got a little bored and i made this.


KORA (Komponen Rakitan) by TomArt

Material: recycling stuffs (could be anything depends on your ideas..in my case, i used hard board, electronic junk, and unused stationery)

Type of work:
3D Collage